Friday Five Interview

dateJuly 4, 2013
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Merza and Taz

Imran Merza and Taz Basunia have known each other for 13 years and have found a mutual interest in a healthier, more adult confectionery market. So they both quit their city jobs in favour of starting their own entrepreneurial roller-coaster in a market everyone loves – sweets. With lots of drive and a shared dream, ‘Jealous’ was born, a company that “brings credibility back to candy by making sweets as natural as possible, without all the nasty stuff”.

Source: Hiscox

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Redberry to add 32 more Burger King locations

dateJune 18, 2013
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Redberry Investments Inc. says the additional 32 restaurants will bring the total number of Burger Kings in its network to nearly 300. A private Quebec-based company is acquiring 32 Burger King locations in Ontario, expanding on a deal announced in April. Redberry Investments Inc. says the additional restaurants will bring the total number of Burger Kings in its network to nearly 300. Redberry acquired Burger King Restaurants of Canada in April from Burger King Worldwide.

In the latest transaction, Redberry will invest $20 million to acquire the 32 Ontario locations from Heartland Food LLC.

Source: The Montreal Gazette

Most Creative People 2013 – Sugarfina

dateJune 2, 2013
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“We’re on a mission to reinvent the candy category” says Sugarfina’s Rosie O’Neill, “which has become stagnant and kind of gross!” Candy (as distinct from chocolate) makes up a third of the $150 billion global sweets market, but no one has targeted foodies. Coupled-up cofounders O’Neill and Josh Resnick started plotting Sugarfina after their third date. (They saw Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory–really.) The former director of marketing for Barbie and the tech entrepreneur, respectively, try to “create excitement around candy, like in that movie,” O’Neill says.

The online boutique, which launched late last summer, sells gummies, licorice, and cordials from around the globe, wittily packaged in bento boxes to encourage buyers to try new flavors. Liquor-infused treats come with a flask. It has become the go-to candy offering for everything from Facebook Gifts to Drybar; its first retail location is likely to open later this year. O’Neill will also send the first–and most delicious–gummy bear into space. It’ll be passenger No. 116 on Virgin Galactic. Like Sugarfina itself, that’s one giant step for candy.

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Pitch to Rich Finalists

dateApril 25, 2013
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After Sir Richard Branson and the panel of judges had carefully considered each of the hundreds of entries, they narrowed it down to eight shortlisted entrepreneurs. Four places were available to pitch to Sir Richard Branson and the panel of judges on 2nd May in London. The shortlisted eight were asked to submit short pitch videos which were then put to the public vote. The finalists were decided by the four businesses to receive the most votes in the poll.

Imran Merza and Taz Basunia

Company: The Jealous Life


Business Pitch to Rich: We’re a confectionery company making sweets for adults. Most sweets are marketed and packaged for kids but we’ve taken out all the gunk and junk to create confectionery for grown-ups. We currently retail in Selfridges and Harvey Nichols amongst others and are planning to expand the range and brand.

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Source: Virgin Media

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